That Kitchen Witch....On Wheels
a gourmet food truck in Lewisburg, PA

​​​​​​​If you enjoy frozen appetizers, bottled sauces with a laundry list of chemicals, & factory-produced entrees… we are definitely NOT your caterer.   If you prefer to enjoy local meats & produce, scratch-made everything, and an event where your guests rave about the food…...please browse around, check out our menus, and get to know us a bit better.   We offer casual and upscale, corporate, private & wedding catering services in Lewisburg & surrounding areas.

We invite you to submit a quote request or contact us by phone or email to discuss your catering needs.  Thank you for stopping by our website and we look forward to hearing from you!

Current Happenings.

Arts Festival 2017 - SATURDAY APRIL 29 - come by Hufnagle Park and enjoy mole poblano (my mother-in-law helped me fine-tune the recipe last summer!), cochinita pibil (we're now making our own achiote paste and it's extra-delicious), and cactus salad!  As always, gluten-free and vegan options available.  This year we'll be brewing up Agua de Jamaica (hibiscus punch sweetened with agave) as well as a traditional fermented Mexican beverage called tepache, made from fresh pineapples & raw sugar.

We're moving!   2017 will be an exciting year as we embark on a new adventure in a new space!  In spring, the business will relocate to the GreenSpace Center at the corners of routes 15 & 45 in Lewisburg and occupy the cafeteria kitchen of the former Lewisburg High School.  We are thrilled to move to downtown Lewisburg, and thrilled with the expanded kitchen capacity.  We're excited to begin offering healthy, take-home meals and have a permanent location for the food truck.  Taco Tuesdays & Curry Wednesdays, here we come!  Expect to see an expanded vegan & vegetarian menu, and exclusively local, pastured & grass-fed meats.  

We're inspired!  Be the change you want to see.
Our 2017 mission is to reduce our environmental impact - we have been researching no-waste commercial kitchen practices and are committed to rethinking the way we package, purchase, and use food.  We will be introducing an expanded vegetarian menu on the food truck, shifting even more of our buying to local sources, and will 'just say no' to factory-farmed meats.  We're excited to have the capacity to make really great use of our ingredients - infusing salts with our citrus zest, composting our veggie scraps, and serving take-home items in glass jars and reusable containers.  

We. Cook. Real. Food
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