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We are no longer offering catering services.   A huge thanks to everyone who supported That Kitchen Witch along the way - we grew from a little food truck to a thriving, full-service catering business serving hundreds (and often thousands!) each week.   After six years, we decided it was time to put things on pause - my health was suffering and I was unable to care for both myself and the bustling business we had created.  We sold most of our equipment and vehicles and ended our kitchen lease in summer of 2019.  It was my plan to take time off to recuperate, return to smaller scale catering, and roll out local cooking classes & workshops in spring 2020.

One year later, my health is vastly improved for which I'm beyond grateful!  However, in cooking for several private events over the last few months, I've realized and had to accept that I can no longer physically manage the long, physically demanding days required in catering, even on a small scale.  

COVID-19 has delayed our plans to roll out cooking workshops, and so we excited to announce that we are now in the process of creating virtual content!  In the coming months, we'll be rolling out a new website sharing our pro-cooking tips and all your favorite Kitchen Witch recipes.

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Kind regards,
Amber Guerrero