It all started with a wonky old food truck named Frying Pan Gert....  

Amber was a reluctant corporate-American mortgage banker with a lifelong passion for food.  Hailing from the humble coal-region town of Shamokin, she took a job in Lewisburg and met Oscar, a high-school educator from central Mexico (who just so happened to be easy-on-the-eyes and quite a good cook himself).  
​She fell madly in love and married him before he could get away.... and then convinced him she should buy a food truck and quit her job.  Apparently he was also madly in love, because he agreed!  They took the food truck everywhere they could that first summer, started taking on graduation parties and office luncheons, began renting commercial kitchen space to handle the increasing volume............... 
and alas, a small business was born!


The Boss.

With a business background & artistic flair,
Amber strives to deliver excellence in food
and service.  Her philosophy is simple --high quality food prepared with attention.  She thinks the details make the difference.  She also thinks buying locally and creating employment makes a difference.
She enjoys travel, trail rides on her bicycle,
​and she really loves her family.  And her cat.

Meet the rest of our team!   

The Napkin Whisperer.

Kathy is our resident expert in napkin folding and table setting.  She may drive a hot rod, but she brings a cool head - and a background in military and fine dining service.  She makes the most lovely tea sandwiches, a mean cup of coffee....and makes dirty dishes disappear in record time!   Kathy joined T.K. Witch soon after Tiff (they happen to be mother-daughter), and has been a life-saver on many an occasion.    We've never met anyone so selfless and willing to help others, and we're so thankful to her.

The Runner.

Gina came on board in 2016 to help with a few events, and we're so glad she stayed on!  She is one tough gal & quickly became one of our most valuable team members.  She excels in high pressure situations, likes a clean sink, and has the kind of work ethic you just don't find every day.  Gina's specialty is packing (she gets the van locked and loaded in record time), and can run circles around most of us even after a twelve hour shift.   Did we mention she runs marathons?  'nuff said.

Ask Ellen.

Miss Ellen joined us for wedding service in the fall of 2017, and moved into the role of event coordinator in the spring of 2018.  She'll be your guide as you plan your special occasion, helping you to work through details, select menus, and make sure we have all of the details in place.

We may joke around that G is just the 'pretty face' of the business... but he can often be found coming to the rescue! When Oscar is not teaching high school Spanish or refereeing soccer, you might find him telling jokes & passing around samples outside the food truck....or using a broom handle to divert water from the tent top in a storm!

Today, That Kitchen Witch...on Wheels has grown into T.K. Witch & Co Catering, a full-service, off-premise catering company handling everything from casual backyard barbecues for 25 to formal wedding dinners for 250.   We boast some AMAZING, dedicated staff (without whom we would never have made it this far - I thank them from the bottom of my heart.....these ladies are rockstars! ), beautiful serving pieces, modern place settings, a fancy high-top cargo van, and an inventory of high quality catering equipment to ensure safe transport.  We value the relationships we have established with other local producers, and take pride in delivering what
​we believe to be a quality product and service.

We have been so fortunate to get our business off to a thriving start.  While it hasn't always been easy, it has been a dream come true! We are so grateful to our customers, local businesses, universities, and hospitals for the support they have shown us along the way. Thank you for taking a chance on us when we were starting out, & we look forward to serving you in the months and years ahead!

What's next?  We're excited to be moving in Spring '17 to a new, 2,000 square foot commercial kitchen in the
GreenSpace Center at the former Lewisburg Area High School.  Situated on the corner of Routes 15 & 45 in Lewisburg, the former cafeteria kitchen is an exciting opportunity!  The increased capacity will allow us to expand into new areas including healthful,
whole-foods convenience meals and fundraising, as well as providing a permanent home for our food truck.   Stay tuned!


La Capitan.  
​Tiff is our serving captain (& three time MVP).  Lightning fast with a 'get it done' attitude, Tiffani served at our first catered function and has been working with us ever since.  She brings years of experience & leadership to the team, and has been instrumental in our ability to grow .  We're not sure why she stuck with us through those rough, rough, rough! early days... but we sure are glad she did!