Full time, part time, and per-diem opportunities available in our fast-growing catering and dinner service operation.  We value QUALITY – in our food, in our service, in our staff.  This is a dynamic environment – our schedules and menus are ever changing and no two days are quite alike.  Applicants should enjoy diverse job duties, have a desire to learn, and the ability to frequently shift gears throughout the workday as demands arise.  All positions require extended periods of standing and the ability to lift 25 pounds.  

Kitchen Assistant:  full time, part time
The kitchen assistant is a critical role in our operation – this individual is responsible for supporting the cooks by keeping the dishes clean and the kitchen tidy and well-stocked.  The assistant’s duties include dishwashing, maintenance cleaning, stocking, washing and preparing produce, weighing and preparing ingredients for bulk recipes, portioning and packaging finished products.  While this is primarily a behind-the-scenes role, the assistant may be needed on site for setup and deliveries.  The successful candidate works efficiently and with attention to detail, is able to frequently lift 25 pounds and occasionally 50 pounds, and is comfortable standing for an 8-10 hour shift.   Experience preferred; willing to train the right candidate with a passion for food and desire to learn.  Competitive pay based on experience.

Chefs/Cooks:  full time, part time, per-diem
We are seeking chefs/cooks, preferably with experience in international, plant-based and whole food cooking.  Ideal candidate complies with food safety protocol, follows our house recipes with minimal guidance, and has the confidence and creativity to help develop menus, improvise, create specials, and make use of seasonal ingredients.  The cooking crew is generally divided into a hot and ‘cold’ side: entrees/sauces/grilling/packaging and apps/salads/desserts/plating.   Experience required; this job is best suited for an individual who can work independently with minimal supervision.  Please provide your hourly rate.

Catering Setup & Service Staff:  part time
This is an excellent opportunity for a professional server.  Restaurant or banquet background required, catering experience helpful.   This is a dynamic position that goes beyond serving and clearing plates – our catering assistants work independently or in teams to transport, set up and break down buffets for small and large catered functions.  Duties include pulling and packing equipment and place settings, learning to safely transport food, and attentive guest service on-site.  The catering service staff will arrange and replenish buffets, clear place settings, setup beverage stations, package leftovers, and leave the venue in the same or better condition than it was found on arrival.   

Event Servers:  per diem
Experienced serving staff for fast-paced, large events (primarily corporate functions and weddings).   In addition to a sparkling personality, neat appearance, professional demeanor, and attention to detail while serving our guests…. this position requires setup and tear down assistance and the ability to regularly lift 25 pound.  Primarily Saturday afternoon/evening shifts as needed. 

Event Crew:  per diem
The event crew is the muscle and logistics behind the scenes – this is a labor-intensive position that requires regularly lifting 50-100 pounds, efficiently and securely packaging large amounts of food and equipment for transport, managing dishes and glassware onsite, loading and unloading from our catering kitchen.  While primarily behind the scenes, the event crew must maintain a neat appearance and pleasant, professional demeanor.  Primarily weekends, varying hours as needed

Bartenders:  per diem
Experienced bartenders with RAMP certification or willingness to obtain.  Must work efficiently under pressure, be well-versed with wine and beer service plus basic mixed drinks, able to batch mix signature cocktails, prepare garnishes, and handle bar setup, tear down and cleanup.  Primarily Saturday evening shifts as needed

If you have difficulty uploading your resume - please email a copy to with subject line '<Your Name> Resume', or complete the summary of experience.  Upon submission, it may appear as though the page has 'gone blank' - simple scroll back up to the top of the page you should see a confirmation of submission.   Please allow 48 hours for us to confirm receipt.