We have experience preparing a broad variety of cuisine.  We love to explore new foods and often custom-cater events,
working with our clients to develop a special menu.  Some of those recipes have made it to our standard menus,
others were just a lot of fun for a special occasion!  We once prepared 1,000 orders of homemade strawberry shortcake....
created a menu where all the food was blue & yellow.... prepared a four course savory chocolate-infused menu...
brought the food truck out for a Jamaican-themed birthday party and served up patties and jerk chicken....
and we are now learning to make Filipino lumpias for a wedding this spring!  
‚ÄčEven if you don't see it on the's usually safe to assume we can make it.

We are well-versed in gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian menus - many of our selections already incorporate these options, or can easily be modified to accommodate your needs, allergies or sensitivities.  

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