During the Fall and Winter, we'll be offering several pop-up dinner parties featuring a multi-course menu.
For our first feature dinner - We're adding a little SOUTHERN CHARM to your weekend

Pickup is on Friday, September 14..

Select a pickup time --  and let us know if you prefer your dinner

HOT and ready to serve

COLD with instructions for super-easy, no-mess heating & finishing (perfect for easy Saturday entertaining!)

On the menu:

Garlicky Shrimp & Grits

Roasted Beet & Maple Spiced Walnut Salad

Fried Chicken with Seven-Cheese Mac & Collards 

Bourbon-Peach Cheesecake


Dinner starts with an appetizer of jumbo shrimp on a pile of creamy grits, topped with a buttery garlic sauce & crumble of local smoked bacon
Garlic from Foulds Farm, Montandon & Bacon from Ross Family Farms, Sunbury

Second course is a roasted beet salad with mixed greens, and toasty maple-spiced walnuts with a citrus vinaigrette.  Beets & Greens from Hobby Hill Farm, Turbotville

Classic bone-in chicken, slow-fried and served with sides of collards cooked low and slow with smoked turkey, and a decadent mac and cheese topped with herbed breadcrumbs

Chicken and smoked turkey from Landis Poultry Farm, Watsontown

Creamy cheesecake with a pecan crust, topped with bourbon-glazed peaches & buttermilk whipped cream

Peaches from Schlegel Fruit Farm, Dalmatia

Party of 2:  $95

Party of 4:  $180
​Party of 10: $400

Totals include 6% PA Sales Tax

​815 Market Street, Lewisburg (the former Lewisburg High School...we're on the Route 15 side of the building)

Our entrance door is under the green awning, facing St Louis Street

Note about online order:
​When you complete the form below and submit - the screen may appear to go blank.  If you scroll back up to the top of the page, you should see a confirmation of submission.  We'll follow up by email within 24 hours, including an online invoice if you prefer to pay by credit card in advance.